The present case research has been funded by the CreateHK Office under the DesignSmart Initiative (DSI). Inspired by the Entrepreneurship for Design and Creative Professional workshop, a programme co-organised by the CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship and Hong Kong Design Centre, we have felt a great need in generating local content for interdisciplinary design management education. Currently, most books and magazines on this topic available in the bookstores and the libraries are usually imported from overseas with very little local examples. 

Seeing the trend in the convergence of design, technology and management education---design is more than being pretty, technology is more than just engineering, and business is more than a single bottom line, we feel that the time is ripe for producing local content in design management for design, engineering and business educators in Hong Kong. The entrepreneurship focus has always been the interest and strength of our center as we strongly believe that entrepreneurship, as a multidisciplinary subject, is often the source of innovation, job creation, and economic growth.

The ten design entrepreneurs being studied have demonstrated in their own ways how they seize opportunities in a sector always craving for novelty and originality. These ten designers, ranging from veteran design masters such as Kan Tai Keung and Tommy Li to young icons such as Ko Siu Hong and Javin Mo, come from different generations and design disciplines. They also operate at different scales with different business models. Industrial designers Alan Yip and Winnif Pang, as strong believers in keeping the firm small, have chosen to build their brands with more autonomy. While architect and interior designer Steve Leung and fashion designer William Cheung who operate at a much bigger scale through building systems and teams are considering new equity options in expanding the business in the future. In terms of business model, Raymond Choy, a toy design entrepreneur, has engaged in licensing, fully leveraging the huge toy figure collection he has, but Viola Pak, a young brand designer, is still trying very hard to make her reputation stand in the fiercely contested design consultancy business.

Our works have taken into consideration different audiences with varying pedagogic needs. This includes students who are more textually inclined reading case studies and those who are more visually oriented watching images. So feel free browsing through this website to find the content most suitable for your needs.  

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